Changes of life come in any number of ways. We all know about hot flushes which mean, at a time when all you want to do is climb into the nearest fridge, you’re also having to worry about a radical wardrobe re-think.

Or perhaps you’ve found you’re going to be Mother of the Bride, or maybe heading into a second marriage yourself. Then there are the heavy hitters – divorce, bereavement or health issues, any one of which can leave you reeling and no longer sure which way is up.

Whether you’re working through changes, large or small, coming out the other side, or simply feel it’s time to reassess, it can sometimes feel that somewhere along the way, you’ve mislaid your confidence. You know you’re not looking your best and you also know you’ll feel better if you do, you simply can’t seem to work out how.

That’s where I come in; I can edit your wardrobe, take you shopping, style you the way you want to be styled and put you right back on track.

And that’s not all; I have an infinite resource of tried and tested experts who can help with everything from hair and make-up, to weight loss, cravings or health and well-being issues.

As you see, there’s a lot we can talk about.

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