It’s a fact of life that when we don’t feel great, we don’t look good and when we’re not looking our best, it brings us right down. But sometimes, all that’s needed is a small switch in perception, a bit of a re-think and a differently angled approach. You’ll be amazed how relatively small adjustments can make a wealth of difference to your world.

Our wardrobes are all too often our guilty secret, full of mistakes we think we’ve made, which are then thrust to the back of the cupboard and ignored. But a fresh, decisive eye can sometimes make all the difference and you might be surprised at what can be put together to make a new and fabulous outfit.

I can show you the colours that will make you glow, the styles that will flatter your body shape and help you get back the comfort, confidence and glamour that you put down somewhere, and haven’t been able to locate since. Changing the way you look, can radically change the way you think and vice-versa!

Additional Range of My Services

Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to meet any number of professionals, each with expertise and understanding in their own field. I can therefore point you in any direction you need, from make-up gurus to hairdressers to health and well-being professionals.

Price List

Colours £110
Colours and Bodyshape £130
Wardrobe Edit £150 for half day, £250 for full day
Personal Shopping £60 per hour (min 2 hrs), £250 per day
Wardrobe Edit and Personal Shopping (2 days) £450

Some colours make you look incredible, but others often don’t.  It’s easy to sort out and I can help you do this.


Do you know the shape of your body, and which clothes suit you best? Some will make you look fantastic, showing off your best bits, and others will exaggerate your worst bits.  Let me help you with this.

Wardrobe editing

Nobody wants, or can afford to throw out all their clothes and start again.  We can go through your wardrobe, getting rid of the very worst, but making up new outfits which work for you using items which you never thought you’d wear again.


After going through your wardrobe,  we can decide on whether you need a few extras to finish off the look.  Perfect!


Shopping for clothes should be fun.  We can go to the local shopping mall, but then you will probably find the same things in all the shops.  Much more interesting is to find the one off boutiques which don’t have to be expensive.  Or even dip your toe into some vintage shops, where clothes can be restyled to suit and fit you by a good dressmaker.


Adding accessories to an otherwise simple and plain outfit can suddenly make it the most wonderful and stylish look ever.  A dramatic scarf in a colour that suits you will take years off you, and make your skin glow.


Shoes can be every woman’s dream – or nightmare.  They must fit properly otherwise you won’t enjoy wearing them.  But just think of, for example, red shoes or ankle boots with a black or grey dress.  It will certainly get you noticed.


Different styles of jewellery can make the same outfit stunning, smart, casual, or even grungey, depending on your mood of the day.  There are so many looks to choose from. But don’t be put off – I can help you with lots of ideas.


Not everyone can wear hats comfortably and look good.  But if you are able to, it can make an outfit so different – and finished off.  It’s worth a try to find out.